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Key Functions

Brochure & Samples - Family Details

Here are just some of the reports in this category. Click the headings to see example PDF copies of the reports. (You can use your own setting logo and you can print or save these reports in a variety of formats from SuperFox.)

Family Registration Forms
These forms are a quick and easy way to register new families or to check information that you hold about existing families in a format that is easy to enter into SuperFox. You can include them as part of your welcome pack.

Waiting List Enquiries
SuperFox has an enquiry management function. Each enquiry can be printed on a side of A4 which is suitable to use in meetings with prospective customers or whilst taking enquiry notes on the phone.

Child Details | Adult Details
You can produce concise summaries of the details for individual children or adults including photos. These are particularly useful for new starters and at risk children.

Childrens' Birthdays | Childrens' Ages
The children's birthdays report for the year ahead is a great way to keep your ratios straight and never forget to wish a child a happy birthday!

General Notes
A summary of children's preferences and some general (non-sensitive) notes about the child's care. This is useful Early Years Foundation Stage evidence and it is always handy in an easily updated summary.

Medical & Dietary
Every staff member should be familiar with children's medical and dietary needs. This is a grab-and-go summary. You should be able to grab it in the event of an emergency and if you leave the setting (outings or evacuations) it should go with you!

Emergency Contacts
A concise list of family, friends and trusted adults telephone numbers, pass phrases and relationships for each child in the setting together with their doctors and dentists names. This is another grab-and-go summary.

Doctors and Dentists
A summary of the contact details for all of the doctors, dentists and visiting professionals used by children, staff and volunteers at your setting. This is a grab-and-go summary.

Consent Summaries - With Consent
SuperFox produces summaries of children with your own consents and standard consents which include:

  • Face painting
  • First Aid
  • Off Site Outings
  • Photography
  • Sun Screen

You can also define your own consents. (Furry animal stroking consent is no problem!)

Consent Summaries - No Consent
SuperFox also produces summaries of children who do not have consents as described above. These make it easier to spot children who do not have consent for an activity that has a high opt-in rate.

Cooks Notes
SuperFox can keep records of children's dietary requirements if you provide food at your setting.

Key Person Summary
SuperFox relates Early Years Foundation Stage children to their Key Person on. This is a concise summary of the children assigned to each Key Person.

Key Person Report
This is a similar concise summary of the EYFS children assigned to each Key Person.

Visiting Professionals Summary | By Child
You can produce several handy reports showing visiting professionals such as health visitors, dieticians, speech therapists, educational psychologists, etc.

Children’s Names
The program has a good set of mail merge data sources to help make your own newsletters and documents. You can also produce a filtered list of children for your own uses such as sign-up lists.


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