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Brochure & Samples - Family Accounts

Here are just some of the reports in this category. Click the headings to see example PDF copies of the reports. (You can use your own setting logo and you can print or save these reports in a variety of formats from SuperFox.)

Statements / Invoices
Attractively formatted Statements / Invoices that show a summary of a family’s account and a detailed breakdown of the childcare provided or booked. SuperFox can handle any combination of bookings and payments in advance or arrears, including compliant handling of the flexible Free Entitlements. The title, text and level of detail used can be customised to suit your own needs.

Register | Detailed Register | Weekly Register | Blank Register
The program has several types ofdaily and weekly register page, including a sundries / lunch register. The children’s ages and colour coded Ofsted age bands can be optionally included on the daily register pages.

Bank Run
A handy summary of cash and cheques received with totals that you can use to help fill in bank paying-in slips. This report also contains a summary of other direct fee payments (DD, Standing Order, BACS, etc.) that you can use for bank reconciliation.

Voucher Summary
A handy list of vouchers totalled for each voucher company that you use. This is a good starting point for claiming your money if you handle more than one or two voucher payments, or for reconciling money received from voucher companies with families accounts.

Account Usage
A quick and easy summary for families who need evidence of their childcare use (tax credits, salary sacrifice, employer or college is paying, etc) for a given date range.

Account Receipts
A summary of payments received for a family's account for a given date range. This is useful as a receipt, or if you need to discuss the amounts received for a family's childcare.

Account Balances
A summary of one or all account balances on a given day of your choice. The balances can be based on invoiced items or usage to date.

Credit Control Graph
A simple bar chart showing fees owed to the setting according to the age of the debt. There is also an ordered text summary listing who owes what. This shows how well you are doing at getting paid on time and helps you focus your fee collection efforts.

SuperFox can automatically generate tactful reminders for late payers. The reminder text can be customised to suit your own setting.

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